Yunnan Trust Supply Chain Finance Re-emergence

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  Yunnan TrustAnd "China's first supply chain", China's leading provider of supply chain service industryYi Yatong(Quotes002183,Medical stock(002183) Shenzhen Yushang Microfinance Co., Ltd., which specializes in providing financial services to small and micro enterprises, has established the “Yunnan Trust-Cloud Chain No. 12 Yushang Small Loan Collection Fund Trust Plan”, with the help of Yushang Small Loan Deeply cultivating years of experience in the circulation industry and N++ data risk control evaluation model, it provides revolving operating loans for small and medium-sized micro-distributors with flexible financing needs and difficult to reach traditional financial services, and solves their financial worries.

According to reports, the loan customers of the project are mostly quality dealers who have established long-term stable cooperation with brand manufacturers. After the comprehensive credit review of “Site + Tripartite” of Yunnan Trust and Yushang Small Loan, they can obtain credit qualification. Customers who pass the qualification review can apply for a large amount of loans, pure credit, and fast lending. The T+1 day loan can be obtained after application, and the funds are flexible. The trust loans issued by the project can not only help the dealers to ease the pressure on the account period, but also deal with the unplanned purchase demand, especially for the household appliances and high-end liquor industry with high unit price and large capital consumption. The dealers can use the loan to expand the purchase volume. It will not help the development and growth of small and micro-circulating enterprises because the sales volume is not enough at the peak of the summer and the Spring Festival.

Yunnan Trust said that this project is another inclusive financial for small and medium-sized enterprises after the agricultural stage, dreams and other projects.Credit loanproduct. Adhering to the mission of “making technology simpler with technology”, Yunnan Trust has been committed to using technology to solve the financing problems of small and micro enterprises. In the future, with the advancement of the docking work between Yunnan Trust and Yushang Small Loan System, the project will realize the online management from credit review, contract signing, loan lending to payment verification. The time required for the loan process will be further shortened. The experience has increased dramatically. At the same time, on the basis of operational efficiency improvement and service experience upgrade, the two parties will continue to deepen cooperation, expand project scale, reduce capital costs, and enable more small and micro-distributors to obtain flexible and convenient financial services.

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