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The beauty of Chinese classical Huizhou culture

2019-01-10 11:45:34

Chexun Wang Yu Wenjuan

For a brand new brand, it's important to find a design language of your own, because it not only reduces costs, but also quickly deploys new cars, while also giving brands a brand identity. Jietu can be described as deep in this point. It applies the style of Huipai architecture to the field of automobile design, and creates a unique design language of “Huicheng Leadership”. Next, let's take a look at the design of the new Jupiter X90, which is about to be launched.

Before talking about the design of this car, it is necessary to introduce the design background of Jietu. It has three design centers of the group, Toronto, and Turin in Europe. They complement each other and try to internationalize the design concept. Integrate with Chinese culture. As a specimen and epitome of Chinese culture, Huizhou culture has a long history and profound foundation, which makes it the origin of the product design of Jietu.

Appearance: the family-style "Huicheng leader" design concept

Interior: The design concept of "Speaking Stars"

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Jietu used the style of Huipai architecture in the field of automobile design, and created the design concept of “Huicheng Leadership”. It has a very obvious design style in the initial product. I didn't feel much eye-catching, but I felt that there was a clever and careful thought everywhere. The Jietu X90 is another masterpiece of the “Travel +” market as a product line of Jietu. The pre-sale price from 85,000 yuan is still very much expected.

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Editor in charge: Yuan Honglei

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