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Popular head of the public: The future of the public depends on the Chinese market

2019-01-10 12:53:35

Phoenix Net Car Tanja

According to the German Automotive Weekly, Herbert Des, CEO of Volkswagen Group, said that the future of the Volkswagen Group is closely related to China. Based on this understanding, the Volkswagen Group will continue to optimize its corporate development strategy and will increase its R&D work directly in China.

Herbert Des, the head of the Volkswagen Group, stressed that the future Chinese market will play an increasingly important role in the development of the Volkswagen Group. “The future of the Volkswagen Group depends on its performance in the Chinese market,” says Herbert Diss. Dess himself will also be personally responsible for the Chinese market from the first month of 2019.

Herbert Dess, CEO of Volkswagen Group

As for why Diss is more prominent in the importance of the Chinese market for the future development of the entire group, the most important reason behind this is the tremendous changes that the global automotive industry is currently facing.

For many years, foreign automakers have been accustomed to research and development at their headquarters, and then applied mature technology to localization in the Chinese market. However, in the future, more and more innovations and R&D work will be done directly in China, because in the future of automotive technology represented by electric drive and autonomous driving technology, China's progress has actually become the world's leading level. The Chinese government aims to develop China into an innovation center for the global automotive industry and has developed a clear strategy to support the development of the Chinese automotive industry.

Diss said that it would prefer to develop capabilities in China that are not currently available to the public. In this process, it is vital to establish close cooperative relationships with Chinese technology giants. At the same time, Volkswagen will develop more research and development strength in China. However, the Volkswagen Group will not reduce its R&D work in Germany or reduce the number of staff in the R&D department.

As CEO of Volkswagen Global, in 2018, Diss spent only 20 days in China. Diss said that in the future he will spend more time in personally going to China to control the development of the business. First, Diss will focus on the determination of the overall development strategy and business adjustment. Details will be confirmed for this point. Professor Heizman, the current chairman and CEO of Volkswagen China, is about to retire. After that, Diss will personally be responsible for the Chinese market business. The daily specific affairs will be taken over by Dr. Stephan W?llenstein.

Dr. Feng Sihan said that although the overall situation of the Chinese market last year was not very good, and even the first sales decline since the 2008 financial crisis, he believes that this is only temporary and the Chinese market will continue to grow. Although the overall market conditions are not ideal, the performance of Volkswagen in China is still eye-catching. With the launch of new models this year, Dr. Feng Sihan believes that sales will climb further.

With high subsidies for electric vehicles and various restrictions on fuel vehicles, the Chinese government hopes to accumulate at least 5 million electric vehicles by 2020. The sales of electric vehicles in the Chinese market last year was about one million units. In order to comply with this trend, Volkswagen announced in 2018 that it will invest heavily in the development of electric drive technology.

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