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    Baowo new team debut first release production and sales separation / definition of new retail

    2019-01-10 13:00:47

    Netcom Society Gao Hao

    On December 28th, the joint venture between Shenzhou UCAR and Baowo Auto announced that the two sides will build a comprehensive strategic partnership. On January 8th, some media learned from the official car of Shenzhou and Baowo Automobile that the two sides jointly launched the new retail platform of Shenbao Baowo Automobile. This new platform will fully realize the separation of production and sales, re-construct the channels, reconstruct automobile consumption, and redefine the new retail of automobiles through industrial chain transformation and platform empowerment. At the same time, Bruno Lambert (Bruno Lambert), former president of Magna Asia Pacific, the world's largest vehicle solutions provider, made his debut as the global president of Povo.

    Lu Zhengyao also said that the traditional automobile production and sales model has been unable to adapt to changes in new technologies and new consumption in terms of cost, efficiency, and user experience; "new car retail" based on pure e-commerce platform and direct sales represented by new forces The model also does not really solve the problem of efficiency and customer experience.

    The new retail platform of Shenbao Baowo Automobile redefines the relationship between OEMs, distributors and consumers:

    Separation of production and sales of automobiles: The OEM will focus on product development, production and after-sales service. The new retail platform of Shenbao Baowo will be an enabler, and it will be fully distributed to dealers in terms of brand, finance, inventory, flow, scene and information. Yes, and the dealers return to the essence of sales, zero inventory, lightly loaded.

    Shenzhou Baowo's new retail platform will break the current situation of high cost, low performance and far-reaching customers from traditional 4S stores, launching the “Thousands of City Stores” channel sinking plan, and changing the original 4S shop model to brand flagship stores, authorized franchise stores and Diversified retail outlets such as special sales points are infinitely close to users.

    Focusing on improving user experience and reducing user decision-making cost, based on the “Car Rental + Special Car” car sharing network covering the whole country of China, with the help of online APP operation and big data analysis, it launched zero down payment, deep test drive, and no reason for 90 days. Innovative services such as returning cars and full-transparent after-sales maintenance, to achieve a light-weight consumption model of cars that are purchased first, then retired and exchangeable.

    Shenzhou Baowo's new retail model will open the direction of the automobile production and sales model from four aspects: “unlimited customer proximity”, “infinitely lower customer purchase threshold”, “transparent after-sales service experience” and “real zero inventory model”. change.

    Bruno Lambert (Bruno Lambert), former president of Magna Asia Pacific, the world's largest vehicle solutions provider, made his debut as the global president of Povo. He said: "Baowo will continue to focus on product development and manufacturing under the new model, and focus on the electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing of next-generation vehicles, pooling global resources and accelerating product iteration. Expanding the scale of production and sales has become the 'third pole of making cars' between traditional OEMs and new forces.

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    Editor in charge: Yuan Honglei

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