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BMW 4S shop to stop selling the "Zeno" brand on a large scale

2019-01-10 13:20:26

Online car marketYang Mengdi

After abandoning the "sales-for-sale" model, 2017 Brilliance BMW's joint venture brand promised to officially target the mass consumer market and launched a 60H plug-in hybrid SUV, but the change in business model does not seem to revitalize the brand. ZINORO official website shows that there are currently 15 dealers in Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shenzhen providing sales services for ZINOCO 60H.

According to the dealer information provided by the official website of the company, the online auto market recently called the 15 dealers, and the response was almost the same: there is no such business in the store. However, it is worth noting that Shanghai Junnuo and Guangzhou Guangdebao, which are not among the 15 dealers of Zonuo's official website, are selling the Novo 60H.

“In the beginning of 2018, there were still a few promises in the store, but there was no order. In the second half of the year, this business stopped.” During the conversation, a staff member of the Novo 60H who had sold in Zhengzhou area said that “more than 30 The price of 10,000 yuan is really difficult for consumers to raise interest in this car, but the BMW X1 plug-in with the platform is selling very well."

The salesperson’s remarks also revealed the current difficulties faced by ZINO:The sales volume was bleak, and the distributors stopped selling the promised 60N.

As a joint venture brand of the BMW Aura, Stego seems to have not clearly defined its position. After the release of the first model 1E in 2013, ZINO began a three-year “sale-for-sale” business model, but in addition to the gimmick “Creating a luxury brand to promote new energy products in China”, 1E did not let ZINOO received substantial benefits.

In March 2017, ZINO also launched a 60H plug-in hybrid model for the mass consumer market. The new car guide price reached 349,000 yuan. Even with the policy subsidy of 24,000 yuan, the subsidy price reached 325,000 yuan. However, it is worth noting that the BMW X1 plug-in hybrid landing price of the same platform is only about 360,000 yuan. In contrast, the price of 60H is really staggering, after all, ZINO is not a luxury brand.

"In addition to BMW's endorsement, ZINORO 60H is difficult for consumers to have the desire to buy it, so it is not realistic for consumers to buy more than 300,000 cars." For the market prospect of ZINORO 60H, there have been such people in the industry. It is stated that "In addition, there is an X1 plug-in hybrid car owned by BMW Brilliance, which will not be used to drive out good money."

In the past two years, despite the rapid growth of the domestic plug-in hybrid car market, independent brands have almost monopolized this market segment. Longer battery life, lower price, letBYDIndependent car companies such as Roewe and Geely have achieved rapid growth in the hybrid car market. In contrast, the ZINORO 60H, from the aspects of performance parameters, product design, etc., has almost no advantage over competing products on the market. In addition, the BMW X1 plug-in hybrid of the same model has also produced a certain "squeeze".

Without the market demand, there is no need for the supply side. It is not difficult to understand why BMW dealers have stopped selling large-scale projects. With the weakening of new energy subsidies in 2019, the survival of ZINORO will become more difficult.

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Editor in charge: Yuan Honglei

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