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    Guang Fike reduced 12,000 Fiat capacity to give way to Jeep Hybrid SUV

    2019-01-10 13:22:44

    Online car marketYang Mengdi

    In Jeep's brand planning for the next five years, the new energy field will become a key development area. By 2022, four plug-in hybrid models and four models will be launched as pure electric vehicles. The online auto market learned from GAC Fick official that it will add 12,000 K8 PHEV models. The internal command code of the big commander is K8. The large commander plug-in hybrid version has been released and is expected to be officially launched this year.

    According to the plan, the annual production capacity of the GAC Fick Linea series sedan and the C-HB series sedan (Fiat Fixiang and Zhiyue) will be reduced by 0.6 million units respectively, a total reduction of 12,000 units. The large commander increased the annual production capacity by 12,000 units and the total production capacity reached 90,000 units. The overall production capacity remained unchanged at 210,000 units. Large commander plug-in hybrid version will be adoptedNingde eraThe ternary lithium battery provided has a capacity of 12.9kWh and is expected to have a pure electric range of more than 50km.

    In the design, the large commander plug-in hybrid version is basically the same as the fuel version, and the charging interface is added at the left and right rear wing sub-boards. The PHEV logo is added at the lower door and the tailgate of the front door, indicating that the new energy vehicle Identity. In addition, the suspension type spare tire equipped with the fuel version is cancelled, and the battery pack is placed. It is expected that the plug-in hybrid commander will cancel the spare tire.

    The change in the design of the new car interior is not obvious. The double-barrel dashboard has been eliminated, the size of the central display has increased, and the battery information display has been added. The new car is equipped with a large-size central control panel, and the lower bar is still mechanically designed. It does not use an electronic bar as most plug-in hybrids.

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