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    "One-step car" shared electric car deposit is difficult to return: has been scheduled until June

    2019-03-12 08:34:41

    China Quality Miles

    Beginning on January 15, 2019, China Quality Miles has successively received a number of consumer complaints from Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The “one-step car” shared electric vehicle platform has a difficult deposit problem. The official customer service of the platform replied: "With regard to the refund of the deposit, the company has issued a document. The document has two solutions. First, the user's deposit needs to be queued. Due to the large number of refunds, the funds are tight. Second, the user can The deposit is converted into consumption amount and directly consumed.” The customer service said that if the consumer now requests a refund of the deposit, it has been queued up until June.

    Consumption monthly rent 1700 yuan 3,000 yuan when can be refunded

    On November 21, 2018, the micro-signal "one-step car Zhengzhou" published an article saying that according to Zhengzhou's restrictive measures, one-step car was used to launch a 40-day unobstructed package. The following month, Mr. Li used a one-step car APP to rent a car for one month, immediately paid 1700 yuan rent, and paid a vehicle deposit of 1,000 yuan and an illegal deposit of 2,000 yuan. “Electric vehicles are basically hippocampus brands, and the rent is not high. It is more convenient to use in Zhengzhou City.”

    On January 8, the term of renting an electric car was full, and Mr. Li applied for a refund of the deposit of 3,000 yuan, but there was no delay. “There have been no calls from customers who have called the customer service many times. After receiving the call, they were told that they need to queue up for a refund. According to my application time, it is necessary to return the deposit until May.”

    Mr. Han, who is also in Zhengzhou, used the “one-step car” on December 31, 2018 to face the same consumer rights dilemma: On January 5, 2019, the deposit was refunded, and the system prompts the car to be refunded after 15 days. On January 22, the refund was initiated again, and it was reminded that it would take 20 working days for the review. Until March 19, Mr. Han did not receive the refund, he logged in to the APP, but suggested that it would take 10 working days for the review. During the period, no staff members took the initiative to call and informed that the customer service phone said that they could only get the account in mid-May. For the one-step car company to deliberately delay the refund of the deposit, it is hoped that the competent authorities will severely investigate and deal with the legitimate rights and interests of consumers."

    The actual refund time does not match the system display

    Ms. Zhengzhou Tian of Henan originally had her own car. On December 27, 2018, she used a one-step car APP to pay a deposit of 499 yuan. On February 6, 2019, she applied for a refund of the deposit. "There was a single and double number in Zhengzhou for one month. I used a one-step car and switched to my own car." Ms. Tian said, "The number of uses is two or three times. When the time for limiting the single and double numbers has passed, then The downloaded app is also ready to return the deposit. The system shows that it takes 10 working days to complete the review and refund.

    I never thought that Ms. Tian’s one-step car APP showed in the background that from February 6th, 2019, she would apply for a refund until March 10th. For more than one month, Ms. Tian’s account still did not receive the deposit, and customer service feedback. "When the customer service was called on March 10, 2019, the customer service only answered that due to the large number of refunds and the tight funds, it is expected that the refund will be made in May."

    What makes Ms. Tian feel unreasonable is that the payment is immediately deducted and the refund period is completely inconsistent with the background display. "The refund time displayed by the system is ten working days. It is completely useless. If you know that it takes so long to refund, I will not choose to pay. This is obviously deceiving consumers." She hopes that the "one-step car" platform will be launched immediately. Return money.

    The settlement period has passed: "One step car" was originally promised at the end of February

    The official website of “One Step Car” shows that the “One Step Car” project operated by Henan One Step Car Technology Co., Ltd. is a mobile Internet-based shared travel platform for mobile users, providing users with instant and short-distance travel services within the city. In the company profile, it is mentioned that “one-step car” is a smart electric vehicle sharing travel service platform that relies on the national “Internet + New Transportation” emerging industry policy. It is the key investment introduction project of Zhengzhou City in 2016.

    From the perspective of company performance, the one-step car operates two urban micro-cars and four commercial vehicles with brands such as Zhidou, Haima, Jianghuai, etc., providing users with time-share, weekly, monthly and annual rental vehicles. Ways to meet the diverse needs of users. By the end of 2017, the company has successfully opened up the markets of Henan and Anhui provinces, and has invested in 6,000 electric vehicles, established more than 400 outlets, and has 200,000 platform users. The total number of new energy vehicles on the two consecutive years is in Henan Province. first place.

    For the problem that consumers have complained about the difficulty of the deposit from the beginning of January, the official customer service of the platform replied: "With regard to the refund of the deposit, the company has issued a document with two solutions. First, the user's deposit needs to be queued. Due to the large number of refunds, the funds are tight; secondly, the user can convert the deposit into the consumption amount and directly consume it.” The customer service said that if the consumer now requests a refund of the deposit, it has been queued until June.

    The official website of the "one-step car" official customer service, the company's website page is not clearly publicized.

    According to media reports, the local media in Henan had previously published that "a one-step car deposit is difficult to return?" Response: A return to normal refund before the end of February, the article mentioned that for the consumer's difficult deposit, the one-step car Zhengzhou deputy general manager Wei Panyu said that the company did default in returning the user deposit, because the one-step car Problems have arisen in cooperation with other companies, resulting in current funding constraints.

    The article mentioned that in the "administrative interview notice" for the government department, a written reply was given in one step, clearly showing that since November 2018, the company has an average extension of 25 days in returning the consumer deposit, the reason In the name of investment, a company transferred 40.38 million yuan of funds on the books. In order to maintain operations, one-step use of vehicles on the one hand actively coordinate the parties, on the other hand according to the capital budget, before December 30, 2018, 100,000 yuan per day, and then back 30,000 yuan per day. The article also shows that "one-step car" is expected to resume normal refund before the end of February 2019.

    The solution given by Wei Panyu is also exactly the same as the reply given by the official quality customer contact of the China Quality Miles reporter. "One is that the deposit is converted into a balance, free of deposit, and the other is to wait in line."

    As of press time, the time limit for Wei Panyu to give the media a "return to normal refund" has passed, and the problem of the mortgage for consumers complaining has not been resolved. The China Quality Miles reporter will continue to pay attention.

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