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    The car market ahead of the "3.15" Mercedes-Benz, Audi, these big-name stalls on the matter

    2019-03-13 12:01:12

    Economic daily

    Not yet "3·15", these car brands have been on the list!

    On March 11, the Consumers Association of China released the "Analysis of the Complaints of Automobile Products Accepted by the National Consumers Association in 2018". In 2018, the National Consumers Association complaints and consultation information system recorded a total of 19,283 complaints about automobile products (including parts and components). .

    Unfortunately, domestic brandsBYDBoarded the first place in the complaints list. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and other veteran car companies are also in the forefront of the list.

     The car market is ahead of the "3·15", and these cars are on the big list!

    (Because this complaint data is absolute, consumers should consider it comprehensively because of the different sales volume and quantity of each car brand.)

    Are the car-making elites being squandered by consumers? Which areas are the hardest hit areas for car complaints? What is the market environment behind the car quality problem?

    Quality is no small matter, be careful about these issues.

    After-sales service is the most criticized

    From the classification of consumer complaints, auto-related complaints mainly focus on after-sales service, contract and quality issues, and the first two account for nearly 53% of complaints.

     The car market is ahead of the "3·15", and these cars are on the big list!

    With the growth of car ownership, the proportion of after-sales service has increased, the contract problem has been slightly reduced, and the problem of false propaganda and price disputes has also increased.

    Specifically, the complaints about auto after-sales problems mainly include: failure to perform the three-package obligation, failure to perform the after-sales commitment, after-sales repairs during the three-pack period, and changes in the operator caused the failure to perform the after-sales service.

     The car market is ahead of the "3·15", and these cars are on the big list!

    a lot of small problems

    From the specific issues complained about, mainly focused on deposits, engines, tires, suspected fraud and paint. Among them, the Dongfeng Honda engine oil problem is more prominent, Mercedes-Benz, FAW-Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Audi's paint problems are relatively high.

     The car market is ahead of the "3·15", and these cars are on the big list!


    China Consumers Association recommends that consumers should strengthen their awareness of rights protection, pay attention to retaining relevant certificates such as car purchases and maintenance, and pay special attention to the verbal commitments such as returning car deposits and insurance deposits. Pay attention to deposits of deposits or deposits, and if necessary, the words of the merchants. Committed to recording, and actively strive to sign a paper deposit or deposit refund agreement.

    The car market is a bit cold, but don't be pessimistic

    In fact, more worrying than the quality of the car is the dilemma of the domestic auto market...

    According to the latest data from the China Automobile Association, China's automobile production and sales in January and February were 3.776 million and 3.852 million, respectively, down 14.1% and 14.9% from the same period of the previous year.

     The car market is ahead of the "3·15", and these cars are on the big list!

    It is not difficult to see that the domestic auto market is still struggling in the cold winter...

    However, the decline in sales at the beginning of the year is also expected.

    Due to the earlier Spring Festival this year, the demand for car purchases that returned to the hometown was released in advance in January. On the other hand, the recovery cycle of both ends of supply and demand was longer, resulting in a significant reduction in real trading days in February.

    Other aspects, including the new regulations of the National Sixth Emission Standard, the purchase of dealers, the low enthusiasm of consumers, and the slowdown in macroeconomic growth have all had an impact on consumer confidence.

    Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Association, believes that the automotive industry will have "ceilings" but it is far from coming. At present, the per capita possession of Chinese cars is relatively low, and it will take another 20 years to reach the so-called "ceiling". Regardless of the urbanization process or the quantity of possession, China's auto industry still has a dividend.

    The car market is cold and there is also a warm sun.

    The traditional car is over the winter, and the new energy car is bathing in the warm sun.

    In February of this year, IGuoxin EnergyAutomobile production and sales were completed 150,000 and 148,000 respectively, an increase of 83.5% and 98.9% respectively over the same period of the previous year. The new energy vehicle finally brought a touch of warmth to the car market in the winter.

    However, the new energy vehicle market, which is booming in production and sales, is not at ease. With the gradual decline of subsidies, consumers are worried that prices will soar after subsidies are withdrawn.

    Is that true?

     The car market is ahead of the "3·15", and these cars are on the big list!

    According to the national plan, the subsidies for new energy vehicles will all be withdrawn in 2021, and 2019 is the key transition period for subsidy withdrawal. The large-scale subsidy of subsidies this year is almost a nail.

    However, although subsidies are accelerating, the purchase of preferential policies cannot be directly “weaned”, and the policy will gradually complete the regulation of the market step by step. For example, the “combination boxing” of policies such as double points, “land compensation”, electricity consumption, and power supplementation can still alleviate the purchasing pressure and ensure the momentum of the new energy vehicle sales market to maintain steady growth.

    More importantly, for the car companies, there is pressure to have motivation!

    The gradual retreat of subsidies is also urging car companies to increase product strength, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and more actively participate in market competition, so that domestic new energy vehicles can choose more yuan and better service.

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