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    Disappointing delivery data Tesla cuts sales staff across the US

    2019-04-09 08:56:52

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    According to Bloomberg News, Tesla followed the disappointing delivery report and cut another group of salespeople across the country as electric vehicle manufacturers continued to cut staff and transfer their ordering processes online.

    The company fired dozens of sales team members in Chicago on Thursday; Brooklyn, New York; and Tampa, Fla.; People familiar with the matter said that because the details were private, they declined to be named. Tesla confirmed the reduction in production but declined to discuss the specific situation, including the number of people affected.

    The latest round of layoffs is part of Tesla's retail layoffs announced in February. CEO Elon Musk said he decided to close some of the showrooms and adopt an online ordering model to save money because the company has increased the production of cheaper Type 3 cars and is preparing to launch including Y-type crossovers. New models including the car.

    According to people familiar with the matter, last week's cuts affected a team called internal sales, whose mission was to reach potential customers and invite them to test drive. People say that after the retail strategy was remodeled, these employees were reassigned to tasks such as answering calls, helping deliveries, and even cleaning and scrutinizing vehicles.

    According to the company, Tesla still operates in these three locations, including employees who can raise customer questions and support car owners. According to people familiar with the matter, it still has an internal sales team in Fremont, California and Las Vegas.

    An Tampa employee who asked not to be named said that 20 internal sales consultants and two managers were told that their position there was eliminated at around noon on Thursday. Another employee working in Brooklyn said the team was also informed on Thursday. Both said that the team was told to terminate by a conference call and took effect immediately.

    Dismissal is just a recent restructuring of Tesla, as part of a tortuous approach to its retail strategy, which has made investors feel uneasy and confusing. Ten days after the almost complete exit from the physical store, the company returned and stated that more locations will remain open rather than planned, although some will continue to evaluate.

    The 47-year-old Musk wrote to his staff in February, and Tesla will evaluate all areas of its sales and marketing organization in the next few weeks, some of which will be cut and others transferred to different parts of the company. .

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