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    The divorce storm is not over, Bezos re-traps the extortion door. Amazon's market value is crazy.

    2019-02-11 00:08:36

    Securities dailyXie Ruolin

    Since Amazon’s CEO Bezos announced the divorce plan, the company’s share price has continued to be under pressure.

    I never thought about a wave of unrest. On the afternoon of February 7th, US local time, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted a long article on the website of the blog platform Medium, saying that he was “extorted” by the American media company (AMI), threatening him if not Stop investigating the disclosure of private text messages and photos, and publicize their embarrassing private photos.

    The next day (February 8th), Amazon's stock price opened lower and lower, the intraday decline once exceeded 2.5%, the day closed at 1588.22 US dollars / share, a decrease of 1.62%, the market value of a single day evaporate over 12 billion US dollars. Some insiders have called this divorce storm the biggest crisis since the founding of Amazon.

    The divorce storm has not been completed and then "blackmailed"

    "Yesterday, some unusual things happened to me. To be precise, it was not just 'unusual' for me, but the first encounter," Bezos wrote in his blog. I decided not to bow to extortion and extortion, but to disclose what they sent me, even if it cost a price..."

    On January 9, Bezos and his wife announced the end of their 25-year marriage. On the same day, the US media "National Enquiry" published a private message related to Bezos. Since then, Bezos commissioned public security expert Debeck to investigate why his private message was leaked.

    Bezos said that his personal security adviser Debeck received two threatening emails, and the other party asked Bezos to stop the investigation immediately, otherwise it would disclose its indecent photos. The e-mails were written by Dylan Howard, chief content officer of AMI, the parent company of the National Enquiry News, and current vice-legal counsel, Jon Fine.

    At the same time, Bezos said that the middleman of AMI's chairman, David Pecker, had contacted him and asked him to stop investigating. He was told that if he refused, the publisher would disclose Bezos' private photos.

    Affected by the incident, Amazon closed at $1,58.22 per share, down 1.62% on the day, and the company has fallen to $33.388 billion in the most recent month compared to the price at which Bezos announced his divorce.

    According to the disclosure, Bezos currently holds nearly 80 million shares of Amazon stock, accounting for about 16%. According to Amazon's current market value of 780.1 billion US dollars, its personal wealth is more than 124.816 billion US dollars. At present, Bezos and his ex-wife did not disclose matters related to property division.

    Performance stocks are under pressure

    In fact, at the beginning of this month, Amazon has given up the throne of "the US stock market value first." In early February, Amazon's fourth-quarter results for FY 2018 exceeded expectations, but was affected by weak performance guidance and widespread concerns about slowing growth and increasing investment in 2019, dragging down the company's share price.

    According to the financial report, Amazon's net sales for the full year of FY18 was $232.9 billion, an increase of 31% compared with FY2017; net income was $10.1 billion. Among them, in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, Amazon's net sales were nearly 72.4 billion US dollars, up 19.7% from the same period of the fiscal year of 2017, which was higher than the expected US$71.9 billion. The fourth quarter net profit was slightly higher than US$3 billion. The fiscal year 2017 increased by 59%; earnings per share was $6.04, and is expected to be $5.68.

    It is worth mentioning that Amazon's cloud computing services in the fourth quarter performed steadily. Data shows that AWS cloud services revenue of 7.43 billion US dollars, is expected to be 7.3 billion US dollars; operating profit of 3.786 billion US dollars, an increase of 78%. Roughly calculated, more than 58% of Amazon's total profit in the fourth quarter of 2018 comes from AWS cloud services.

    However, the company said it expects sales in the first quarter of FY 2019 to be between $56 billion and $60 billion, slightly below the market estimate of $60.8 billion.

    Some analysts believe that after two consecutive quarters of disappointing revenue, investors worried that Amazon's growth began to slow down. Although Amazon's sales growth was higher than expected in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2018, it was still the lowest level since the first quarter of 2015.

    Earlier, Amazon warned that the company will increase spending this year after a relatively slowdown in investment in 2018.

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    Editor in charge: Fu Jianqing RF13564

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