When the stock reaches the preset price, it will receive the reminder SMS in time, and do not miss any buying and selling opportunities, making investment easily.

Instructions for use

· The user enters the preset upper limit and lower limit price of the stock. Once the stock price reaches the preset price, the system will automatically send you a reminder message.(Note: The system only prompts to reach the early warning price for the first time when the price is touched by the warning multiple times on the same day)

·Default fee 15 gold coins / month(1 gold coin = 1 yuan, friendship reminder: gold coins can not be returned after chargingRecharge)It can support the price warning of 5 stocks at the same time.

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[Stock price warning]

9:30:31 [China Merchants Bank] The current price is 14.16, and the price exceeds the preset price limit of 13.88. Shanghai stock index 12563.85, an increase of -2.35%. The stock's overall rating is overweight and maintains its previous rating.Can log in to the financial community to view individual stock ratings【financial】